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47 Berwick Street (1st Fl)
Soho, London

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We are a contemporary art gallery based in Soho, London. Working with a dynamic network of emerging and established artists we aim to reflect and celebrate the vitality and evolving nature of contemporary art. 

Central to the gallery’s ethos is the belief that the best art communicates directly and according to its essential qualities, while breeding further questions. As such, our aim is to create an exhibition programme which stimulates and communicates aesthetically as much as it does intellectually.

We place strong emphasis on empowered makers and the value of technical ability as a means of freeing the artist to realise and develop his/her creative vision and to bring about a more direct interaction with the viewer.

Our role combines that of consultant, connector and curator – we believe that the traditional boundary between artist and collector must be reconsidered and realigned. In the spirit of openness, cooperation and exploration, we endeavour to bring about a richer form of interaction which draws collectors and the public closer to the creative process.

ALICE BLACK also consults for private clients.

Co-founded by Alice Black & Matt Symonds in May 2017, the gallery is gaining a reputation as one of the most refreshing, uncompromising and discerning new galleries in London.

Alice Black has previously held positions at Stephen Friedman Gallery and Phillips Auction House. Matt Symonds is a London-based investor and art collector. He is a Board Member of Nottingham Contemporary and Patron of the Royal Academy of Arts.