Call back the hawk which has been let fly


Desire & Menace:

Ritual in Contemporary

performance art



What is the soil under your skin? The mud of your gut? The earth in your blood?

The ritual of EX LUTO attempts to ‘call back the hawk which has been let fly’ (fr. reclaimer). Imagine, ambrosia, we will return to the mud, without gluttony, as nymphs, preparing themselves for the infinite season of song ahead. By using my fingers in a trance I strip us back to our bare bones creating a miniature image of the universe to remind us of our deepest nature.

EARTH to ESSENCE is the framework I give to my practice. I hope to leave the lightest footprints upon the earth. Working with raw materials and our sensual facets, I perceive the ephemeral realm as the most essential, focusing on our ‘common root’.



installation views

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