That world that unfolds from the secret place of palms together


Desire & Menace:

Ritual in Contemporary

performance art

'the weight of thoughts'


Gianinna Delpino was born in Chile in 1984 and originally trained as an architect. Since arriving in London in 2012, she has dedicated herself to her multi-disciplinary art practice and teaching. 

Gianinna Delpino will invite us to participate in a transformative performance piece intended to help us understand and alleviate the weight of our thoughts. Musical accompaniment by violinist, OLI GRANT.

“This performance started with a love for the body and movement, a little seed in my mind years ago, when I was studying contemporary dance in Chile. That seed grew to become simpler and reacted to the huge lack of stillness and silence in our lives today. It was the impact this city made on me, with its rush and lights, it’s mobile phones and branded shopping bags in masses. We are not just polluting the world with physical rubbish, but with what is worse, with things that we can not see, like noise, mental noise, analysing and rationalizing everything, to the point where feelings and senses are taken for granted, denied, hidden, taken as light as an “esoteric” joke. Since then, I became stronger spiritually; I found that space of comfort that doesn’t need anything, which is the fascinating ever-growing journey towards the inside. That space I so much longed for, resides inside a book when it opens, that world that unfolds from the secret place of palms together. Digging inside you, never knowing what will come out, as it is in every art practice that is real”. – Gianinna Delpino 



installation views