Expression within the physicality of paper and the language of printmaking


becoming & dissolving


Jasmine Garrett was born in 1987 and lives and works in London, UK. She holds a BA from Falmouth University (2006-2009) and an MA at The Royal Drawing School (2013-2014). She is about to embark on a further MA at the Royal College of Art, London.

Jasmine Garrett’s work resides and finds expression within the physicality of paper and the language of printmaking. Through the intimacy and primacy of drawing from life, a projected inner world of sensory perceptions is expressed through the layering of marks. Materials both found and made are manipulated in both an additive and reductive way to explore how the tactile and the visual are deeply inter-connected. In her most recent works she has attempted to create visual echoes of surfaces that invite a different way of seeing.

Forthcoming and recent exhibitions include: ‘Lexis over Land’, Tremenheere Sculpture Garden, Penzance, Cornwall; ‘Floating Worlds’, Safe House, London, UK; ‘Evidence’, The RKB Burt Gallery, London, UK.

In April 2017 Garrett spent seven weeks in Japan, studying traditional Japanese Washi paper, one week spent training under Rogier Uitenboogaart in Kochi prefecture in Shikoku, Japan.






selected works