Serial forms and repeated gestures


Static / Kinetic


Kate Terry was born in Ontario, Canada in 1976, and grew up in Bristol, U.K. She studied sculpture at Manchester Metropolitan University, U.K. and received an MFA at the University of Guelph in Canada in 2002. Terry lives and works in London and teaches Sculpture and Drawing at Camberwell College of Arts.

Kate Terry’s art practice encompasses sculpture, installation and drawing. Employing utilitarian materials with economy and restraint, she explores the relationships of points, lines, angles and forms through which she disrupts our perception of depth, and of shapes and structures in space. Drawing on the rigorous regularity of Minimalism, and the basic tenets of symmographic craft constructions, her works explore the place of the hand crafted in relation to serial forms and repeated gestures.

Terry's thread installations result from an examination of the architecture and character of a given space, creating intricate geometric patterns that often span an entire gallery space, illustrating surfaces that can be traced out in space by the movement of a straight line. 

Terry's sculptures; using painted wood, steel, perspex and thread; consider concerns of weight and presence with direct emphasis on their physicality. They are objects that sit on the edge of installation; physically tethered to the spaces they occupy, tied by threads or propped, wedged and suspended from walls and corners.

Solo exhibitions include ‘Suspended Space’, Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum, America (2016-17), ‘Alpha Beta’ Volker Diehl Cube, Berlin (2016), ‘Open Forms’, Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar (2013), ‘Plan of the Present Work’, IMT Gallery (2011), ‘Reassuring Synthesis’, Small Space Gallery, Berlin (2010), ‘Empty Voluminous’, 1000000mph, London (2007), ‘Interference’, Mercer Union, Toronto, Canada (2007).

Group exhibitions include ‘In Formation’, Sexauer Gallery, Berlin (2016); ‘Sophia Starling/Sarah Kate Wilson/Kate Terry’, Newlyn Art Gallery, (2014), ‘Between Systems’ Galerie Michaela Stock, Vienna (2013), ‘Overt Exchange’, A.P.T. Gallery, London (2013); ‘Level’, Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh College of Art (2012); ‘Air I Breathe’, Gazelli Art House, London (201); ‘Heart of Glass’, Shoreditch Town Hall, London (2008), and ‘A Life of Their Own’, curated by Richard Cork, Lismore Castle, Ireland, (2008).





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