Intensely hued palettes and unnaturally arranged vegetation…


If the Walls could talk

listen to the hum


Nicholas William Johnson (b.1982, Honolulu, Hawaii) lives and works in London. He studied philosophy before completing an MA in painting at the Royal College of Art.

Johnson studies the emerging science of plant sentience, the nonhuman turn in contemporary theory of systems and ecology, and these in connection with ethnobotanical accounts of ancient indigenous knowledge and mythologies. His recent canvases are composed of intensely hued palettes and unnaturally arranged vegetation that indicate towards altered states of consciousness, brief moments of spectral hues that retain a bark-like, mossy textural materiality of a fungal network or organism on the forest floor. Recently he has exhibited at Plus-One, Antwerp; Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool; Peter von Kant, London; Montoro 12, Rome; and Podium, Oslo.

Recent exhibitions include: “Sticky: Like A Summer Night”, House of Egorn, Berlin, DE (2019); “Looking at the world through rose coloured glasses”, Plus-One, Antwerp, BE (2019); “Art Rotterdam” w/ Plus-One, Rotterdam, NL (2019); The John Moore’s Painting Prize, Liverpool Museums, UK (2018); Inns of Molten Blue, Plus-one, Antwerp, BE (2017); Dewdrinker, Montoro 12, Rome, IT (2016); The Averard Hotel, London, UK (2016); Cue Collision, House of Egorn London Lounge, UK (2016); Secrets in the Carbon Atom, Podium, Oslo, NO (2016); The Catlin Prize, London, UK (2016). New Sensations, selected by Saatchi Gallery, UK (2015). His work has been covered by Artsy, Elephant Magazine, Nero, Studio International, Apollo Magazine, Dazed, Harper’s Bazaar, The Financial Times, and The Times.


selected works