Progressive permutations within a reductive logic


Static / Kinetic


Richard Caldicott was born in Leicester in 1962, he graduated from The Royal College of Art in 1987 and currently lives and works in London. 

Caldicott's practice combines photography, Tape Drawings, Envelope Drawings and ink-jet prints all of which are linked through their strict geometry and rich, vibrant colour. 

Since the 1990s Caldicott has continually challenged photographic codes of representation. Employing traditional analog photography methods, Caldicott creates abstract work which draws on minimalism, colour field paintings, and pop re-appropriation and has echoes of Kasmir Malevich, Ellsworth Kelly and Robrt Mangold.

In the Tape Drawings and Envelope Drawings Caldicott continues his exploration of progressive permutations within a reductive logic. These works on paper freely delve into the interplay between space, form and colour. They range from his most paired back drawings with one or two lines to his most recent envelope ink-jet prints of interrelated floating shapes. 

Sir Elton John, a very passionate art collector who owns one of the large largest photography collections in the world, said about Caldicott:

"His work immediately became an important part of my collection. I have added pieces to my collection from each series that has been exhibited worldwide. Richard has the unique ability to transform the medium of photography, creating something new, but still using the most traditional technique. Richard is one of those artists who elevates photography to an important and recognised form of contemporary expression."

Recent solo exhibitions include 'Richard Caldicott Recent Work 2010-2013', Sous Les Etoiles Gallery, New York (2014); 'Richard Caldicott: Photographs and Drawings', A|B|Contemporary, Armin Berger Gallery, Zurich (2012). Forthcoming: In 2017 solo exhibitions are scheduled at Sous Les Etoiles Gallery, New York and ATLAS Gallery, London.

Recent group exhibitions include, 'Light Works:The Art of the Photogram' ATLAS Gallery, London (2015). 'PRIME TIME, Archetypesof Abstraction in Photography' curated by Ralf Hanselle. Diehl Cube, Berlin,(2016). Camera-less, Richard Levy Gallery, Albuquerque, New Mexico, (2016); 'Imperfect Reverse' curated by Laurence Noga in conjunction with Saturation Point, Camberwell College of Art Project Space, London (2016). 'Concrete and Generative Photography/Part 2. The Contemporaries'. Photo Edition Berlin (2016).





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