Tantalisingly hovering between the figurative and the abstract


becoming & dissolving

in the manner of smoke


Rory Menage (b. York, 1988) lives and works between London and Yorkshire. He has a BA from Oxford University and an MA from Leeds College of Art.

Menage is best known for his figure based sculptural works made in a range of media such as limestone, bronze and iron. Looking back to traditions of ancient statuary and portraiture, Menage is a fresh voice to emerge from a longstanding lineage of sculptors who take the physical and emotive power of the figure as its starting point. Tantalisingly hovering between the figurative and the abstract, parallels can be drawn with such titans of the twentieth century as Epstein, Brancusi, Moore and Giacometti. At the centre of Menage’s practice is an investigation into perceptions of the human figure and the place of object making within our digitally dominant time. how we experience objects in a seemingly screen-biased culture. Themes of scale, weight, and digital manipulation are crucial to his work, which he makes. 

Recent solo exhibitions include: Rory Menage, Slate Projects, The Averard Hotel, London, UK. Menage recently curated an exhibition on John Bunting at the Henry Moore Institute in Leeds.




selected works