lines converge and coalesce…


in the manner of smoke


Tanya Ling (b. 1966) was born in Calcutta and now lives and works in London. She undertook her studies at Central Saint Martin’s, London, before working in Paris as a designer. Ling’s established reputation is founded on a practice which spans fashion and textile design, painting and sculpture. Her celebrated ‘Line Paintings’, created from Dr Ph Martins acrylic paint were began in 2013 and are created instinctively and decisively in a single session. Guiding the pigment effortlessly and efficiently over White Somerset Satin paper, the lines converge and coalesce, before setting off again with seemingly no preordained route or direction. Mapping the paper like veins as she works, their organic fluidity suggests a direct correlation with nature’s own ever-changing contours and abstract expressionism. In 2011 the V&A acquired over 50 of her drawings. In 2014 a group of paintings and sculptures were acquired for the Murderme collection.



selected works