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A Bouba/Kiki Paradigm

Sol Bailey-Barker

9 August – 8 september 2018


ALICE BLACK presents Sol Bailey-Barker's solo show: 'A Bouba/Kiki Paradigm': 9 August - 8 September 2018.

The 'A Bouba/Kiki Paradigm' effect is a non-arbitrary mapping between speech sounds and the visual shape of objects'. Bailey-Barker's abstract sculptures draw from symbolism and objects he studies, using materials associated with both agriculture and industry to provoke an association between the industrial born from technological development and its ancient spiritual origins.
Drawing on the sound of rhythmic heavy machinery, deep space and sacred bells, Bailey-Barker's sculptures double as ritual instruments, the exhibition becomes a temple both revering and questioning human endeavour and where it has brought us to now.



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