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ALICE BLACK is a new contemporary art gallery based in the heart of Soho, London. It is co-founded by Alice Black & Matt Symonds. The gallery will be working with a dynamic network of both emerging and established artists who distinguish themselves through their powerful combination of strong creative vision and notable technical ability. Its aim is to create an exhibition programme which stimulates and communicates aesthetically as much as it does intellectually.

Opening with the debut exhibition ‘STATIC/KINETIC’, the first show explores the lively connection between eight postwar and contemporary artists working in the field of geometric abstraction: Daniel Chadwick; Richard Caldicott; Ben Gooding; Andre Stitt; Kate Terry; Ivan Black; Maryrose Watson and Victor Vasarely.

The element common to all the works in the first show is the use of movement and dynamism as a means to create new visual experiences and more interactive relationships with the viewer. ‘STATIC/KINETIC’ does not take the notion of movement literally; the factor shared by all the works in the show is the visual manifestation of energy, both perceived and actual.

ALICE BLACK seeks to foster an inclusive forum to draw collectors and the public closer to the creative process. It is an environment enriched by the creative input of the artists, collectors, curators, gallerists, writers, enthusiasts and the curious, with all of whom it collaborates.


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